Research Teams Now Forming: Powerball & Mega-Millions

Research Teams Now Forming: Powerball & Mega-Millions


This is not a “how to win the Lottery” scheme! This is a bona-fide research effort studying numbers, computer software, psychology and other related systems. Availability is VERY LIMITED! Study groups are limited to 100 members and spots are filling up fast!

You don’t have to play the lottery in order to participate – but you MUST operate the software on the day of the drawings, report the results and answer a few questions for the study.

The software is custom made for each research participant – it isn’t a one software fits all approach.

If you are interested in learning more about this unique and limited research study opportunity –

The software is custom coded to you and requires that you cover the cost of preparing and coding this software to produce relevant numbers that are particular to you! Unlike other Lotto programs, this is not a strategy or software that has a cookie-cutter one-size fits all solution for winning the lottery. This software is your own personal number generator which will generate personal and significant numbers based on your information you provide within our questionnaire. No two software will create the same numbers on the same day. Your day will come and this software will help you choose the winning numbers when the time comes.

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